Esky Solar Charge Controller

This device takes the output from a 12V or 24V solar panel and regulates it for charging a battery and powering a load. The load can draw up to 30 Amps which means 360W on a 12V system and 720W on a 24V system. It manages the battery through various stages of charging and will […]

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Kids Bluetooth Headphones (Pink)

Sonixx BTX1 Kids Bluetooth Headphones (Pink) by Sonixx #btx1review I love that these headphones are cordless!! And even better they are bluetooth. My daughter loves to play with her IPAD while her Daddy and I are watching TV in the evenings, and she sometimes gets it blasting too loud. These pair up perfectly with her […]

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Wood and Metal Hanging Wall Crucifix

NOVICA Artisan Crafted Cedar Wood and Metal Hanging Wall Crucifix From Mexico ‘Jesus Our Savior’ by NOVICA #JesusOurSavior This crucifix arrived wrapped very well in plastic and cardboard for shipping. At first sight it is breathtakingly beautiful. The tiny details are incredible and pictures do not do it justice. The wood is stained a medium […]

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Wood Desk Easel with Drawer

US Art Supply Solana Adjustable Wood Desk Easel with Drawer, Premium Beechwood by Us Art Supply #usartsupply I usually do my drawing on the sofa in the evenings while my husband watches the TV. I got this desk easel to sit on my lap and hold my sketch pads at a good angle for me. […]

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Hair Cutting Shears

Hair Cutting Shears – Made in USA – Cobalt Molybdenum Retains Edge 5x Longer Than Stainless Steel – 6″ Right-Handed Barber Scissors – Professional Grade, Salon-Tested Hair Clippers Relieve Stress from Got Glamour #GotGlamour These scissors are built to fit perfectly in your hands. The detachable finger rest is more helpful than one might think. […]

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FSL Decimate Ear Protection

These ear protection do a good job at reducing sound to safe levels. They are relatively comfortable to wear and seem like they would adjust to a variety of head sizes. They clamp a little harder than I would like, but without that they probably wouldn’t block as much sound. They also fold into a […]

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