Esky Solar Charge Controller

This device takes the output from a 12V or 24V solar panel and regulates it for charging a battery and powering a load. The load can draw up to 30 Amps which means 360W on a 12V system and 720W on a 24V system. It manages the battery through various stages of charging and will also disable the load when it reaches an adjustable low voltage threshold to prevent damage to the battery.

I didn’t have a 30A load to test the top end of it with but the loads I did try on it worked well and it also managed the battery’s charge. The display can cycle through lots of diagnostic values: battery voltage, solar panel voltage, load current, charging current and kw meter.

Load modes can be configured with various settings as well: always on, manual on/off, battery charging only (always off), and several light and timer modes based on detecting light level from the panel.

A very nice charge controller for running lighting systems or other light loads. The only thing missing that more expensive controllers would have is it can’t charge the battery until the panel voltage is above the battery voltage so it’s not really about to make use of power on a cloudy day.

It’s currently available for $31.99 on Amazon:

Full Disclosure: I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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