Knight of Light

#thewatchers The Watchers: Knight of Light  An intense, full of suspension, story about witches, watchers, good guys, bad guys and a struggle to find the truth.  I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who have interest in witches and the time period 1270 AD.  The book is easy to download and install to […]

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Crown Coast Umbrellas – #CrownCoastUmbrella

I got this umbrella at a discount for my honest review.. I have been using this umbrella for the past 10 days.. it’s only rained at night in the dark so I wasn’t able to get a good picture.. but I have used it under some pretty good winds.. it’s been pretty solid.. it’s never turned inside out.. and I tested it pretty good one night.. it’s easy to open and close.. I would recommend this umbrella.. it’s compact and easy to carrya6J7A9563


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Freedom Brew

#kcupreusablefilter I have been trying out a new K-Cup reusable coffee filter.  I have been using reusable filters in my Keurig for years now.   The price for K-Cups adds up when you drink more than 2 cups per day.  In my opinion the taste of fresh ground coffee is irreplaceable.   You get everything with […]

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Crown Coast Umbrella

crown coast umbrella review

I received my Crown Coast Umbrella today.  I ordered the pink and I am very happy with the color.  My husband likes this umbrella so much I might have to order him one (non-pink). The umbrella feels “solid” on your hand.   The buttons are tight, but you do not want it to open and close on accident either.  Though it has not rained yet, my 4 yr. old daughter had a great time carrying it around the yard.  I am extremely happy with this umbrella.  “I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest review.”

You can purchase your own umbrella using the following code  (NOTWET15) that is good until midnight December 31st 2015

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