AmazaPens Gel Pens

AmazaPens Gel Pens 30 Assorted Top Quality Coloring Pens with Storage Case | 40% More Ink Than Other Gel Ink Pen Sets | Glitter, Metallic, Flouro, Classic for Adult Coloring Books and Art & Craft Use by AmazaPens #AmazaPens I love using gel pens with my colored pencils. The fine tips allow me to add […]

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Led Grow Lights

Led Grow Lights, 24W Plant Lights E27 Growing Bulbs 3 Wavelengths tailored Led Grow Lamps For Garden Greenhouse, Hydroponic and Family Balcony by Erligpowht #legrolight I have been using grow lights for years now. I have an Aero-Garden and I use that with a lot of grow lights to keep my plants happy all winter. […]

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WaterColor Pencil Set with Roll-Up

Deluxe Watercolor 36 Color Pencil Set with Roll-Up Canvas Pencil Wrap by Us Art Supply #usartsupply These watercolor pencils arrived packaged in heavy plastic container keeping each pencil separated for shipping. The canvas wrap was packaged separately. It took me a few minutes to put the pencils in the wrap and I think I put […]

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Artist Brush Set

Santa Fe Art Supply Best Quality Artist Brush Set for Acrylic Watercolor Oil Gouache & Face Painting. 15 12 inch Professional Paint Brushes and 1 Short Handle Art Brush in Travel Case by Santa Fe Art Supply #SantaFeArtSupplyArtistBrushSet Each brush is individually wrapped for shipping. They arrived neatly placed inside the case that also very […]

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Art Storage Box with Drawer

US Art Supply® Artist Wood Pastel, Pen, Marker Storage Box with Drawer(s) (Large Tool Box) by Us Art Supply #usartsupply I received this art supply box and immediately started filling it to see if my favorite art supplies would fit inside. Currently my supplies are spread out around the house in different boxes, etc. To […]

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Raw African Shea Butter Cream

8 Oz Whipped Pure Raw African Shea Butter Cream – FREE EBOOK – 100% Natural, Organic, Moisture for Soft Skin and Natural Hair – Shea Body Butter Benefits Include Improving Blemishes, Stretch… from Rise ‘N Shine Online #risenshineonline I was so excited to receive this in the mail. Winters in New York tend to be […]

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