5 Pack of 16GB Purple Flash Drives

I benchmarked 4 out of the 5 drives (I gave one away right after I got them before I could test it) and the read speed for 1 of them was only 40MB/s, about half what it should be. I checked it twice and got the same result both times. The write speed on all of the drives, including the one with slow read speed was about 9MB/s (half the advertised 20MB/s). The read speed for the other drives was just over 100MB/s which is actually faster than the advertised rate. These tests were run on an Ubuntu laptop with a Core i5-3317U with 4GB RAM, over USB 3.

Despite one drive being slower than the others I still like these drives.

They are currently available on Amazon 5 for $24.95: https://www.amazon.com/5Pack-Purple-Flash-Memory-Storage/dp/B01H13ZXGE?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Full Disclosure: I received these drives at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

2016-07-13 20.38.56 16gb_flash_benchmark4 16gb_flash_benchmark3 16gb_flash_benchmark2 16gb_flash_drive_benchmark

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