Disco Party Lights

The light comes with a remote to switch between the color modes, but has several unused buttons. It makes patterns on the walls and ceiling it is pointed at. You can wall / ceiling mount with the included bracket. Build quality is what you would expect from a cheap product from China. But it seems […]

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Circuit Maze Puzzle Game

My Daughter loves playing this game with me. She’s 4 years old, so a little below the recommended age range, but I set up the challenge and give her the pieces she has to work with and she likes solving them. She occasionally asks for hints but she went through the first 20 beginner cards […]

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Hammer and Axe Multitool

I’ll start with the things I don’t like to get those out of the way: The case should properly cover the axe head instead of relying on a small cover that goes onto it which will inevitably get lost. The blades and axe are not sharp. And the fold out tools basically all have to […]

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Touchscreen Kitchen Timer

This works as a simple timer but has a major flaw in the backlight. To save battery the backlight tuns off after 10 or 30 seconds (I can’t seem to figure out what determines which timeout it has) even while counting. In bright light you can still sort of tell what the timer says if […]

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This lantern is very bright. It’s probably equivalent to my Coleman propane lantern that I’ve used for years when camping. This lantern uses the newer “COB” LED lights which are like arrays of lots of LEDs in one chip. They are much brighter than individual LEDs put into strips. It has no on/off switch, it […]

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