Foot Cream for Sensitive Skin

Calendula & Aloe Vera Foot Cream for Sensitive Skin, anti fungal tee tree oil foot massage butter for cracked feet with olive oil from CNAAN – Made by Nature #promotion This foot cream is worth its weight in gold. I have been using it every night on my feet and I notice the difference every […]

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Multipurpose Can Opener Manual

Multipurpose Can Opener Manual – Leaves No Rough, Sharp or Unsafe Edges – Jar Opener, Bottle Opener, Pull Tab Opener – Easy Use for Arthritic Hands – BONUS: Healthy Recipes EBook by TORO.TM #TOROKitchen This manual can opener has so many uses. It uses the new method, where the edges of the lid on the […]

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Euphonic Earplugs

Euphonic Earplugs for Musicians, Concerts, Drummers and more | Noise Reduction High Fidelity Ear Plugs from Euphonic #earplugs I used these for seeping purposes. It may be that I need to get used to them more. I have to take baby steps. They hurt my ears after a full night’s sleep, and I cannot sleep […]

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Touchscreen Kitchen Timer

This works as a simple timer but has a major flaw in the backlight. To save battery the backlight tuns off after 10 or 30 seconds (I can’t seem to figure out what determines which timeout it has) even while counting. In bright light you can still sort of tell what the timer says if […]

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