Mr. Biscuits Burning Love Hot Sauce

Mr. Biscuits Burning Love Hot Sauce

This hot sauce has an amazing high in heat taste.  It’s just hot enough to be spicy, but not too hot enough to ruin your food.. I feel this is the perfect hot.  We made hot and spicy chicken wings with this sauce.  My brother and father both love hot stuff.  They really liked this hot sauce.  It has a good taste to it.

This hot sauce has a great blend of fresh habanero, jalapeño and garlic, onion, fresco, and Thai chili.  The organic  citrus fruits and organic fireweed honey adds to the wonderful taste of this sauce.  We used them on chicken wings, but you can use this hot sauce on taco’s, hamburgers and sandwiches.  You can also add some to your pasta, eggs or meat marinades rubs.  The flavor is high heat, yet balanced with flavor’s to make it very tasty.

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I received this product at a discount for my honest review..

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