MICRORANGE Adjustable Arm Dimmable LED Desk Table Lamp

MICRORANGE Adjustable Arm Dimmable LED Desk Table Lamp Ultrathin 800LUX Touch Control Glare Free USB Charging LED Lamp Auto Turn Off Pre-set:1H/2H 6 Brightness Levels 3&4&5&6000K 4 Color Temperatures

This lamp is beautiful. The sleek black lines make it an attractive piece in just about any style of décor. It folds up quickly and easily. It has four different light modes. The base is small so it does not take up room on my desk. The light is nice that I can adjust where it shines. Very nice lamp and it feels solid in my hands.
lamp2   lamp3

You can get yours here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KA0F83S

1. Free gift if you click the bundle link below
2.Material:lamp head:luminum +LGP(Light Guide Plate);lamp arm:aluminum;lamp base:ABS+PC
3.4 Lighting modes for different needs:working, studying, relaxing or getting ready for bed;Non-ghosting light makes it ideal for all ages,offering protection for your eyes
4.With power supply,the lamp is able for charging your device via a build in USB socket
5.Lifespan:up to 30000 hours,Working voltage:5V,Working current:0.5~2A, USB outpout:5V/1A,Max power:5W,LED quantity:48 LED bulbs 4114 LED,Center luminance:800 lux,Color temperature:3000&4000&5000&6000K

I received this item discounted or free in exchange for my feedback.

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