World’s Strongest Expandable Garden Hose 50 FEET

World’s Strongest Expandable Garden Hose 50 FEET


This is a great hose.  It has the worlds strongest inner tub and expands when you put water in it.  This hose does not leak and we had no problems with it bursting..  We tested it several times..

The connections on this hose are great.  They don’t leak..  The house is also very flexible when your using it.. It’s easy to grab and spray water with..


This hose is 50 feet long and only weighs 1.4 pounds.  It expands fast with water and shrinks just as fast when the water is off.


This hose comes with a new solid brass shut off valve that works great.  The hose comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and an 18 month warrenty.


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I received this at a discount for my honest review..

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