BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm

This stuff really works to reduce chafing. On hot days when I’ll be doing a bunch of walking I usually get very chafed between my legs. A quick rub of this before getting dressed really helps.

It’s like a stick deodorant in appearance and application but the texture is silky/waxy. There’s no scent or tingly feeling like some other anti-chafe stuff. You don’t notice it’s there until you’ve walked all day and realize you’re not sore and that’s the point. It seems like a stick will last quite a while.

This will be a welcome addition to my travel kit and backpack.

It’s currently available in various sizes on Amazon (the 2.5 oz 2 pack is what I got)

Full Disclosure: I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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