Unique Heat Portable Infrared Space Heater

Unique Heat Portable Infrared Space Heater


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I had the honer to give a review on thisUnique Heat Portable Infrared Space Heater.  I personally used this heater and was completely happy with how it worked.  My house was really cold and it warmed it up in no time.  During the time I tested this heater, I did not use my heater at all.   I used this heater to heat my bedroom, dining room, living room and kitchen area.  It worked great.  This heater is very quit.  My son has asthma and it didn’t bother him at all.. Sometimes when we change the way we heat our house, it causes him problems.  With this heater, there was no problems.   I have a 1 year old nephew and a 4 year old nephew and the good thing with this heater it never got hot.  I didn’t leave them unattended with the heater, but I felt safe that if they touched it, they would not get burned.  Most heaters that size get hot and are scary to run around little kids. I felt very safe using it around my nephews.    I honestly love this heater.  I’m totally happy with the way it heats and works.  It also comes with a remote control that is easy to use.  It’s nice to press warmer or hotter and not have to get up to change the settings.  This heater is also easy to move around and carry.. It’s a wonderful investment for a portable heater.



When using the remote, there is a button for air purification.  To use this feature you need to purchase an upgrade kit that is sold separately.


This heater has a display setting on top that is digital and easy to read.


With the remote, you can set a timer to turn on and then set a timer to turn off.    You have 1-12 hours for the timer.  If it’s 8pm and you want the heater to turn on at 6am, you can set the timer to turn the heater on in 10 hours.  I have used this function and it works great.  If you want to fall asleep with the heater on and have it turn off automatically in 1 hour, you can easily set it to turn off in an hour.


If your looking for a portable heater, Please go to Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Unique-Heat-Portable-Technology-Non-Combustible/dp/B01AKDCWXY/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&qid=1458478576&sr=8-24&keywords=portable+infrared+space+heater

This heater is a great deal at $199.00.  It’s on Prime so you don’t have to pay shipping and you get it within 2 days.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review.  I really like this heater.  I use it all the time.  I’ve had it for over 10 days now and have used it everyday.  It works fantastic.  My husband checked the PG&E aspect and it’s almost cheaper to run this heater then our big gas heater.

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