Teenie Toe Separators

Teenie Toe Separators Designed For Kids, 12 Pack
from Jaylie
#teenietoeseps Just tried out these toe separators and they are awesome. My daughter is 4 and she giggled so much while I was helping her get them between her toes. She sat there and painted her own toe nails all by herself. Usually she calls me to help her because her little toes keep getting in her way. Very very awesome. These will keep your daughter busy a long time if she paints her own toes and fingers. I would recommend these any day. And they come in a 12 Pack!! They will last a very long time. You can get your own here: http://www.amazon.com/Teenie-Separators-Designed-Kids-Pack/dp/B00GU4PCB2/keywords=toe+separators

toenail painting

toenail painting2

toenail painting3

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