LG G5 Case

I wasn’t sure if I was going to use a case with my new LG G5 or if i was going to keep it naked, but after 2 weeks of having it in this case I think I’m going to use it. Very sturdy feel and not slippery in my hand. Seems like it will […]

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1byone Jump Starter

First I’ll just get out of the way: It will jump start a 4L V6 just fine. The part of it that might be more useful an a regular basis is that it also works nicely as a portable phone charger. Because the relay an capacitor used for jump starting is in an external module […]

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LEDit® Bestselling LED Grow Light

LEDit® Bestselling LED Grow Light HIGH YIELD Low Heat, Long Lasting Indoor Greenhouse, Hydroponic Plant Growing for Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables and Medicinal Plants by LEDit® #AlphaHomeProd I love this indoor grow light. I took a few pictures to show how much my plants love it also. LED grow lights have advantages over the actual sun […]

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Hair Straightening Brush

Best Pro Electric Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush Automatic Shut Off Anti Scald/frizz. Achieve Smooth and Beautiful Straight Hair Use for All Hair Types Thick or Thin Long or Medium Hair. LCD Display from Arabella Brushes #arabellabrushes This brush is the perfect solution for me! I like to shower at night but don’t like the way […]

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Beer Chillers

Chill Brew, Set of 2 Stainless Steel Beer Chillers with Plastic Storage Container Beer Chiller by HomEco #homecobeerchiller These beer chillers are really great. I love beer!! I really do not like warm beer. You keep these in the freezer and the next time you grab a warm beer… Whallah Instant COLD! They come in […]

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